kiwi summer

Help your garden survive the kiwi summer!

With the December temperatures soaring above average for this time of year, the fairies have noticed some plants struggling! The occasional drizzle does little to replenish soil moisture, as it barely reaches the roots, or evaporates quickly with the heat.

Thus it’s really important to water the garden, especially for vegetables, plants that live in pots, or those that are not drought tolerant. Watering in the morning before the sun gains traction or in the evenings after it has lost its strength is best. Most plants benefit more from a deep watering every other day, than a brief daily watering. As with the inefficiency of a light drizzle of rain, a quick dampening from the hose only gets the first few cm’s of soil wet – which is then evaporated by the day’s heat before the moisture can reach the roots!

If you haven’t yet applied a good layer of mulch to your garden, now might be a good time to do so. Mulch not only helps to keep roots warm in winter, but it helps to lock in moisture during summer. Special bonus: Mulch helps to suppress the weeds!

kiwi summer

Accurate representation of Auckland’s climate right now! :p

In general, well-nourished plants have a better chance of fighting off pests and diseases. Your garden will reward you for your care, by looking lush and lovely through the summer months!

after mulch

Tis the season for mulch!

If you’re a fan of endless weeding, then now is a great time to be out in the garden! With Spring in the air, the warming climate means weeds are going to be coming thick and fast from here on out! Alternatively, if weed-wrangling isn’t your thing, then a good thick layer of organic mulch may be more up your alley.